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S3302 Handheld/ Portable Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz to Max. 44GHz)

Saluki S3302 series handheld/ portable spectrum analyzer is a high frequency handheld instrument. It provides multi-functions to fullfill different requirements from users. S3302 is equipped with 8.4-inch LCD touch screen to improve display clarity and ease of operation. S3302 handheld spectrum analyzer has a compact design, very suitable for on-site measurement.

Saluki S3302 series handheld/ portable spectrum analyzer can be applied to the signal and equipment test in aerospace, microwave and satellite communications, wireless communications, radar surveillance, electronic warfare and electronic surveillance, precision-guided and other industries.


Key Features of S3302 Handheld/ Portable Spectrum Analyzer

|  Wide frequency range from 9kHz to 44 GHz

|  Low DANL level to -163 dBm @ 1 Hz RBW

|  Dynamic signal analyzer

|  Fast scanning speed

|  8.4" color touch screen

|  A variety of measurement functions 

|  Flexible interfaces and friendly UI

|   Excellent phase noise performance


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Specifications of S3302 Handheld/ Portable Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency RangeS3302AS3302BS3302CS3302D
9kHz - 20GHz9kHz - 26.5GHz9kHz - 32GHz9kHz - 44GHz
Tuning Resolution 1Hz
Reference Frequency Nominal Frequency10MHz
Aging Rate± 0.5ppm / Year
The Initial Frequency Accuracy± 0.3ppm
Temp.   Stability± 0.1ppm(-10 - 50°C, with respect to 25°C)
Scan TimeRange10μs - 600s (Zero Span)
Accuracy± 2.00% (zero span)
Frequency Readout AccuracyFrequency Readout Accuracy = ± (frequency readout × frequency reference error + 2% × span + 10%  × resolution bandwidth)
Sweep WidthRange100Hz - Max. Frequency. 0Hz
Accuracy± 2.0%
Resolution Bandwidth1Hz - 10MHz (step 1-3 times)
Video Bandwidth1Hz - 10MHz (step 1-3 times)
SSB phase noise
    (CF = 1GHz)
 @ 10kHz offset<-102 dBc / Hz
 @ 100kHz offset<-106 dBc / Hz
 @ 1MHz offset<-111 dBc / Hz
 @ 10MHz offset<-123 dBc / Hz
Displayed Average Noise LevelFrequency RangePreamplifier OffPreamplifier On
10MHz - 4GHz<-138dBm<-157dBm
4GHz - 6GHz<-135dBm<-152dBm
6GHz - 20GHz<-138dBm<-157dBm
20GHz - 32GHz<-135dBm<-154dBm
32GHz - 40GHz<-127dBm<-148dBm
Residual ResponsePreamplifier Off10MHz - 13GHz<-90dBm
13 GHz -   20GHz<-85dBm
20GHz -   44GHz<-80dBm
Preamplifier On10MHz - 32GHz<-100dBm
32GHz -   44GHz<-95dBm
Exception   Frequency: 1.1GHz, 3.2GHz
Second Harmonic Distortion<-60dBc (Attenuation 0dB, -30dBm input signal)
Absolute Amplitude Accuracy± 2.3dB (10MHz - 40GHz), (20°C - 30°C, 30 minute warm-up)
Input Attenuator0dB - 50dB, 10dB step
Max. Safe Input Level+ 30dBm, typical values (>10dB attenuation)
+ 23dBm, typical values (<10dB attenuator)
+ 13dBm, typical values (preamplifier on)
Reference LevelRange: -120dBm - +30dBm
Conversion Uncertainty: ± 1.20dB
VSWR of Input InterfaceUnder the condition of reference level >0dBm, attenuator defaults
<1.5: 1 typical (50MHz - 20GHz)
<2.0: 1 typical (20GHz - 44GHz)
Test PortS3302A / BS3302C / D
N-type connector2.4mm connector
Other Interface10MHz reference input / outputBNC Connector (F)
External trigger input
IF output
GPS antenna input
Battery Lifeapprox 2.5hrs
Power Consumption<30W (no battery charging)
Operating Temp.-10°C - +50°C
Storage Temp.-40°C - +70°C
Weight<5kg (without batteries)
Dimension314 (W) × 218 (H) × 91 (D) mm  
(excluding the handle, brackets)
338 (W) × 218 (H) × 100 (D) mm
 (including a handle, bracket)
Electromagnetic CompatibilityComply with 3.9.1   GJB3947A-2009

Standard Pack of S3302 Handheld/ Portable Spectrum Analyzer

1S3302 Main Machine
  2  Pre-Amplifier
 3 Build-in GPS Reciever
4Power Cord / Power Adaptor
6USB Cable
7USB Disk (Manual)

Options of S3302 Handheld/ Portable Spectrum Analyzer

Option No.Item
S3302-05Programming manual
S3302-06Power adapter
S3302-07Backup battery
S3302-08CAT5 LAN Cable
S3302-09Micro SD card
S3302-10GPS antenna
S3302-11USB power measurement function
S3302-12SAV87230   USB power continuous wave power sensor (9kHz - 6GHz)
S3302-13SAV87231   USB power continuous wave power sensor (10MHz - 18GHz)
S3302-14SAV87232   USB power continuous wave power sensor (50MHz - 26.5GHz)
S3302-15SAV87233   USB power continuous wave power sensor (50MHz - 40GHz)
S3302-16Interference analysis function
S3302-17Analog demodulation function
S3302-18Channel scan function
S3302-19List sweep function
S3302-20Zero span IF output
S3302-21SAV89101A  antenna (10kHz - 20MHz)
S3302-22SAV89101B  antenna (20MHz - 200MHz)
S3302-23SAV89101C  antenna (200MHz - 500MHz)
S3302-24SAV89101D  antenna (500MHz - 4GHz)
S3302-25SAV89401  antenna amplifier (10kHz - 4GHz,N(f))
S3302-26SAV89901  antenna (1GHz - 18GHz, N(f))
S3302-27SAV89902  antenna (18GHz - 40GHz, 2.4mm(f))
S3302-28Functional  Bag
S3302-30Carrying  case (for safety carrying)
S3302-31S89901 antenna handle
S3302-32S89902 antenna handle
S3302-33Signal analyzer
S3302-34Field strength option
S3302-35Tracking generator (100kHz - 4GHz)
S3302-36Tracking generator (100kHz - 6.5GHz)
S3302-37Tracking generator (100kHz - 9GHz)

More details in the datasheet.

A Quick Look of S3302 Handheld/ Portable Spectrum Analyzer

Typical Operations of S3302 Handheld/ Portable Spectrum Analyzer