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2.92mm High Precision Calibration Kit (DC - 40GHz)

SCKCL40-2.92 (calibration level) mechanical calibration kit contains precision standard devices to calibrate network analyzers in the 2.92mm interface. This kit also contains adapters to change the sex of the test port, and a torque wrench to ensure a repeatable reliable connection.


Key Features
|  DC to 40GHz frequency coverage
|  Adapters and torque wrench included
|  Calibration standards to perform full two-port calibration

|  >500 times cycles

|  Site Master
|  Cable and Antenna Analyzer

 Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

Unit Price: $2,770 (1-5pcs)




(Calibration Level)

DC - 40GHzOpen: ±6.0°
Short: ±4.5°

Load: VSWR<1.17

Adaptor: VSWR<1.12

Open: 2.92mm (M)1
Open: 2.92mm (F)1
Short: 2.92mm (M)1
Short: 2.92mm (F)1
Load: 2.92mm (M)1
Load: 2.92mm (F)1
2.92mm(f) - 2.92mm(f) adaptor1
2.92mm(m) - 2.92mm(m) adaptor1
2.92mm(m) - 2.92mm(f) adaptor1
2.92mm torque wrench1