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S3601 Series Vector Network Analyzer (10MHz - 3GHz / 8.5GHz)

The S3601 is a powerful and efficient Vector Network Analyzer widely used in industries like wireless communications, cable TV, and automotive electronics, etc.

Key Features
  • Frequency range 100 kHz-3 GHz / 8.5GHz

  • 125 dB wide dynamic range

  • Various display formats

  • Multiple calibration methods

  • Standard interfaces including USB, LAN, GPIB, VGA

  • Low noise level, good measurement performance

  • Multi-window, multi-channel measurement display

  • Measure communication products

  • Passive multi-port device and balance device test

Technical Specifications
Frequency Range100KHz - 3GHz100KHz - 8.5GHz
Frequency Resolution1Hz
Output Power-45dBm - 10dBm-55dBm - 10dBm
Max. Dynamic Range125 dB125 dB
IF Bandwidth1MHz - 5MHz
Number of Built-In Ports22
Measurement Point1 - 16001
No. of Measurement Receiver4
Reference Level Amplitude SettingRange: ±500dB; Resolution: 0.001dB
Reference Phase SettingsRange: ±500°; Resolution: 0.01°
Measurement FieldsFrequency domain and Time domain
Display Formatlogarithmic amplitude, linear range, standing wave, phase, group delay, smith chart, polar diagram


General Information
Dimension (W x H x D)435×233×348 mm
Weight16 kg
Power Supply50 Hz 220 V AC / 60 Hz 110 V AC
InterfaceN (F), 50Ω system impedance N (F), 75Ω system impedance (optional 001)
Operation Temp.0 °C - +40 °C (32 °F - 104 °F)
Storage Temp.-20 °C - +70 °C (-4 °F-158 °F)
Relative Humidity<= 90 %rh
Options of S3601A Vector Network Analyzer
Option No.ItemDescription
S3601A-0175Ω port impedance system\
S3601A-02N type test cable(GORE-OSZKUZKU0240) Male - Male, 60cm
S3601A-03N type test cable(GORE-OSZKUZKU0240) Female - Male, 60cm
S3601A-04N type calibration kitDC - 9GHz
S3601A-05N type 75Ω calibration kitSAV20204
S3601A-06Economic type testing cableET06-NMSM-0.8M N Type to 3.5mm, male - male, 80cm
S3601A-07Economic type testing cableET06-NMNF-0.8M N type connector, female to male, 80cm
S3601A-08Economic type testing cableET06-NMNM-0.8M N type connector, male to male, 80cm
S3601A-09Economic type phase-compensated testing cable


N Type to 3.5mm connector, male to male, 80cm

S3601A-10Economic type phase-compensated testing cable197C-NMNF-0.8M

N Type connector, female to male, 80cm

S3601A-11Economic type phase-compensated testing cable197C-NMNM-0.8M

N type connector, male to male, 80cm

S3601A-12N Type 75Ω calibration kit24-0800-51M1-51M1
S3601A-13Electronic calibration kit
300KHz-18GHz, N Type (female to male), 2 port
S3601A-14Electronic calibration kit 10MHz-26.5GHz, 3.5mm (female to male), 2 port
S3601A-15Electronic calibration kit10MHz-20GHz, 3.5mm (female to male), 4 port
S3601A-16Patch cord for front panelSupport quad-port expansion and receiver-through test
S3601A-17SAV2813A four-port test setRequired S3601A-16 to support
S3601A-18Aluminum Carrying case\
SCAVNA18MM-(N/N)Saluki N Type test cable\
SCAVNA18MF-(N/N)Saluki N Type test cable\
SCAVNA18MM-(N/3.5)Saluki N- 3.5mm test cable\
SCAVNA18MF-(N/3.5)Saluki N- 3.5mm test cable\

Options of S3601B Vector Network Analyzer

Option No.ItemDescription
S3601B-01N type test cable(GORE-OSZKUZKU0240) Male - Male, 60cm
S3601B-02N type test cable(GORE-OSZKUZKU0240) Female - Male, 60cm
S3601B-03N type calibration kit
DC - 9GHz 
S3601B-043.5mm calibration kitDC - 9GHz 
S3601B-05Waveguide Calibration Kits1.72 - 2.61GHz
S3601B-06Waveguide Calibration Kits2.60 - 3.95GHz
S3601B-07Waveguide Calibration Kits3.94 - 6.0GHz
S3601B-08Waveguide Calibration Kits4.64 - 7.05GHz
S3601B-09Waveguide Calibration Kits5.88 - 8.17GHz
S3601B-10Waveguide Calibration Kits7.0 - 10.0GHz
S3601B-11Electronic calibration Kit300KHz - 18GHz, N type (female - male), 2 port
S3601B-12Electronic calibration Kit10MHz - 20GHz, 3.5mm (female - male), 2 port
S3601B-13Electronic calibration Kit10MHz - 20GHz, 3.5mm (female), 4 port
S3601B-14Patch cord for front panelSupport quad-port expansion and receiver-through test
S3601B-15Four-port test setRequired S3601B-14 to support
S3601B-16Aluminum Carrying case\
SCAVNA18MM-(N/N)Saluki N Type test cable\
SCAVNA18MF-(N/N)Saluki N Type test cable\
SCAVNA18MM-(N/3.5)Saluki N- 3.5mm test cable\
SCAVNA18MF-(N/3.5)Saluki N- 3.5mm test cable\