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NMD 3.5mm Economic VNA Test Cable Assemblies

Saluki ECAVNA series Economic VNA Test Cable Assemblies possess good microwave eletrical performance and phase and amplitude stability. The flexible and lighter structure makes the testing more efficient. The patented design provides stable performace in laboratory and production applications.

Saluki's cable assemblies maintain excellent insertion loss and VSWR. Our assemblies ensure accurate and repeatable measurements because of their phase and amplitude stability guaranteed with flexure-tested for over 100,000 flex cycles and over 5,000 mating cycles. 


Key Features

|  NMD-style ruggedized connectors
|  Crush resistance greater than 80kgf/cm
|  Over 100,000 flexures at minimum bend radius
|  Torque resistance
|  Virtually zero cable spring back

Unit Price: $900 (1-5pcs)

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Saluki's ECAVNA series Economic VNA Test Assemblies adopts the flexible small volume armor structure, which has a lighter weight, smaller bending stress and smaller bending radius. Good microwave electrical performance, amplitude and phase stability are more suitable for production test applications, helping to improve the batch test efficiency. Before shipment, we test all of our assemblies for return loss, insertion loss, phase stability and loss stability up to their maximum operating frequency. 

Technical Specifications

Saluki P/NECAVNA26FM-(3.5/3.5)ECAVNA26FF-(3.5/3.5)
Frequency Range
DC - 26.5GHz
VNA EndNMD 3.5mm Female
DUT End3.5mm Male3.5mm Female
Insertion Loss< 1.1dB
Phase Stability< ±4°
Amplitude Stability< ±0.1dB
Shielding Effectivity> 100dB
Cruch Resistance> 80kgf/cm
Length63cm (24.8 inch)

Note: For other port combinations and lengths, please send email to sales@salukitec.com .

Typical VSWR, Insertion Loss, Phase Stability Performance

Typical VSWR, Insertion Loss, Phase Stability Performance

*Under condition: Data tested from 3.5mm ECAVNA test cable, at bent 360° with 10cm diameter.

General Information

Connector MaterialsBodyStainless steel, Passivated
Center ConductorAu-plated beryllium Copper
Cable DescriptionsCenter ConductorAg-plated copper
Outer ConductorAg-plated copper tape
Inner BraidAg-plated copper braid
Outer JacketMultilayer armour
Outer Diameter10.3mm
Minimum Bend Radius50mm
Environmental Condition
Operating Temperature0°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +75°C

Multiple Ruggedized Connector Types