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S3871X Series Solid State Power Amplifier (60GHz, 500W)

S3871X series is a broadband benchtop solid state power amplifier and incorporates the patended spatial power combination technology. It is designed to have features of broad bandwidth, high gain, high power, wide dynamic range, low spurious signals and extremely load tolerant.


Key Features

|  Wide frequency range, 9kHz to 60GHz, max.500W output power

|  Open loop: Gain and Output can be adjusted with a step accuracy of 0.1dB

|  Internal stability: with internal automatic level control circuits, the output can be fixed and stable

|  Remote control: the parameter adjustment and function setting can be controlled by GPIB or LAN

|  Standard 4U 19-inch or 5U or customized rack classis


|  Electronic counter measurememnt

|  Antenna testing

|  Laboratory instrumentation

|  Electromagnetic compatibility/ interference testing

|  Satellite communications


Main Performance

(1) Output display accuracy can reach ±0.3dB

(2) Dynamic range of Output adjustment can reach 20dB - 40dB

(3) Output stability can be reach ±0.3dB at constant temperature

(4) Output flatness can be reach ±0.3dB at steady state

Multiple Protection

(1) Input power: 1mW - 1W (depending on the model)

(2) Real-time monitoring of internal temperature: high temperature alarm and automatic protection

(3) Real-time monitoring of reflected power: mismatch alarm and automatic protection

(4) Real-time monitoring of fan working status: fan working alarm and automatic protection

Typical Applications

(1) IC Test under Constant High Power: test IC output characteristics and stability under constant high power.

(2) IC Test under Changing High Power: test IC output characteristics and stability under changing high power.

(3) Outdoor Receiving/Transmitting Simulation: test the transmission ability of Radar or Communication system under long distance, different frequencies and complex environment.

(4) Specific Electromagnetic Environment Simulation: use high power to simulate complex electromagnetic environment.

(5) EMC Test: generate wideband high power signal to test EMS. 

Technical Specifications

(1) Standard models

Frequency RangeGain (dB)Psat (dBm)Input PortOutput Port
S3871AD9kHz - 250MHz5451N(f)N(f)
S3871AE9kHz - 250MHz5653N(f)N(f)
S3871AH80MHz - 1GHz5451N(f)N(f)
S3871AK80MHz - 1GHz5653N(f)N(f)
S3871AA1GHz - 2.5GHz5350N(f)N(f)
S3871AP1GHz - 2.5GHz5552N(f)N(f)
S3871AB1GHz - 6GHz4845N(f)N(f)
S3871AQ2GHz - 6GHz5350N(f)N(f)
S3871AR2GHz - 6GHz5653N(f)N(f)
S3871AS500MHz - 6GHz5047N(f)N(f)
S3871AT500MHz - 6GHz5350N(f)N(f)
S3871AU500MHz - 6GHz5653N(f)N(f)
S3871DA6GHz - 18GHz4643N(f)N(f)
S3871DB6GHz - 18GHz5047N(f)N(f)
S3871DC6GHz - 18GHz5350N(f)N(f)
S3871DD6GHz - 18GHz5653N(f)N(f)
S3871DE2GHz - 18GHz5350N(f)N(f)
S3871DK6GHz - 18GHz5047N(f)N(f)
S3871DH2GHz - 18GHz4643N(f)N(f)
S3871EA18GHz - 26.5GHz43403.5mm(m)3.5mm(m)
S3871EB18GHz - 26.5GHz46433.5mm(m)3.5mm(m)
S3871EC18GHz - 26.5GHz53503.5mm(m)WR42
S3871FA26GHz - 32GHz43402.4mm(m)2.4mm(m)
S3871FB32GHz - 40GHz43402.4mm(m)2.4mm(m)
S3871FC24GHz - 30GHz46432.4mm(m)2.4mm(m)
S3871FN33GHz - 37GHz45452.4mm(m)WR28
S3871FD37GHz - 43GHz46432.4mm(m)2.4mm(m)
S3871FE26GHz - 40GHz43402.4mm(m)2.4mm(m)
S3871FF26GHz - 40GHz49462.4mm(m)WR28
S3871FG26GHz - 40GHz53502.4mm(m)WR28
S3871FP18GHz - 40GHz46432.4mm(m)24JS18000
S3871FQ18GHz - 40GHz50472.4mm(m)24JS18000
S3871FR18GHz - 40GHz53502.4mm(m)24JS18000
S3871FS2GHz - 40GHz40372.4mm(m)2.4mm(m)
S3871HA40GHz - 47GHz40372.4mm(m)2.4mm(m)
S3871LA40GHz - 60GHz3633

(2) More versions

ModelFrequency RangeOutput Power (W)Output Port
S3871AB-020500MHz - 6GHz20N(f)
S3871AB-040500MHz - 6GHz40N(f)
S3871AB-060500MHz - 6GHz60N(f)
S3871AB-080500MHz - 6GHz80N(f)
S3871AT-150500MHz - 6GHz150N(f)
S3871AT-200800MHz - 4.2GHz200N(f)
S3871AT-250800MHz - 3GHz250N(f)
S3871AT-3002.1GHz - 2.7GHz300N(f)
S3871AU-250500MHz - 6GHz250N(f)
S3871AU-300500MHz - 3GHz300N(f)
S3871AU-350500MHz - 3GHz350N(f)
S3871AU-400500MHz - 3GHz400N(f)
S3871AU-450500MHz - 3GHz450N(f)
S3871AU-3001800MHz - 4.2GHz300N(f)
S3871AU-4001800MHz - 4.2GHz400N(f)
S3871AU-5002.1GHz - 2.7GHz500
S3871DA-0406GHz - 18GHz40N(f)
S3871DB-0606GHz - 18GHz60N(f)
S3871DB-0806GHz - 18GHz80N(f)
S3871DC-1506GHz - 18GHz150N(f)
S3871DH-0052GHz - 18GHz5N(f)
S3871DH-0102GHz - 18GHz10N(f)
S3871DK-0802GHz - 18GHz80N(f)
S3871EB-04018GHz - 26.5GHz40WR42
S3871EB-06018GHz - 26.5GHz60WR42
S3871EB-08018GHz - 26.5GHz80WR42
S3871EC-12018GHz - 26.5GHz120WR42
S3871EC-15018GHz - 26.5GHz150WR42
S3871EC-20018GHz - 26.5GHz200WR42
S3871FN-05033GHz - 37GHz50WR28
S3871FE-02026GHz - 40GHz20WR28
S3871FF-06026GHz - 40GHz60WR28
S3871FF-08026GHz - 40GHz80WR28
S3871FG-15026GHz - 40GHz150WR28
S3871FP-00518GHz - 40GHz524JS18000
S3871FP-01018GHz - 40GHz1024JS18000
S3871FQ-06018GHz - 40GHz6024JS18000
18GHz - 40GHz8024JS18000
S3871LA-00540GHz - 60GHz51.85mm(m)