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S5700 Series Field Comm Analzyer (SA+CA+Optical)

S5700 Series Field Comm Analyzer combines the highest performance operating specifications and multi-functional measurements such as cable and antenna system analysis, fiber inspection, spectrum analysis, cellular signal demodulation, interference analysis, signal coverage mapping and RF/optical power measurements in a single instrument.

Key Features

Cable and Antenna Analyzer: 2MHz - 4.4GHz/ 6.0GHz

Spectrum Analyzer: 9kHz - 4.4GHz/ 6.0GHz

Test MIMO 4x4 antenna performance

Return loss, Cable loss, VSWR, DTF, Smith chart, 1-Port phase

RF, fiber and wireless signal quality testing in a single instrument

Powerful analysis capabilities of management software

Detect signal degradation and system performance over time with trace overlay

Perform traditional RF feedline tests, inspect fiber connectors with auto pass/fail results and measure RF/Optical power


As a multi-functional instrument, the S5700 series can be configured to meet your specific test needs at the time of purchasing or can be upgraded in the future need. Additional option measurement functionality can be added on the fly in the field in a matter of seconds.

Designed specifically for wireless communication field engineers and technicians who is performing installation, maintaining and troubleshooting of the wireless communication sites, the S5700 series was developed to get the job done right with multiple cutting edge features that deliver accurate measurement, improve productivity and reduce OPEX and CAPEX.

Technical Specifications

1. Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Frequency Range2MHz - 4.4GHz2MHz - 6.0GHz
Measurement Speed
< 0.8ms/point
DTF< 1ms/point
Data Points130, 259, 517, 1033, 2065
Measurement Accuracy
Corrected Directivity
42dB (typical, after standard OSL calibration)
38dB (typical, after E-cal calibration)
Interference Immunity
+20dBm & >1MHz of carrier frequency
Off-channel+10dBm within ± 10kHz of carrier frequency
Return Loss
0 to 60dB (resolution 0.01dB)
Cable Loss0 to 30dB (resolution 0.01dB)
VSWR1:1 to 65:1 (resolution 0.01)
DTF Range (Distance)1500 meters (4921 feet)
Output Power0dBm (Nominal)
RF OutN type, Female, 50Ω
RF Out Damage Level25dBm, ±50VDC peak

2. Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency Range9kHz - 4.4GHz9kHz - 6.0GHz
Turning Resolution1Hz1Hz
Frequency Span

1kHz to 4GHz in 1-2-5 sequence (automode),

 and 0Hz (zero span)

1kHz to 6GHz in 1-2-5 sequence (automode), 

and 0Hz (zero span)

Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)10Hz to 3MHz in 1-3 sequence (auto or manually selectable)
Video Bandwidth (VBW)10Hz to 3MHz in 1-3 sequence (auto or manually selectable)
Spectral Purity (Phase Noise)
@ 1kHz Offset from Carrier-90dBc/Hz
@ 10kHz Offset from Carrier-100dBc/Hz
@ 10kHz Offset from Carrier-105dBc/Hz
Dynamic Range>100dB
Maximum Safe Input Level+30dBm (peak power, input attenuation >15dB), 50VDC
Amplitude Accuracy±1.0dB
Attenuator Range0dB to 55dB in 5dB steps
DANL (Input terminated, RBW = 1Hz, Attn = 0dBm, Avg detector, Typical)
Preamp Off

< -144dBm (1MHz - 1GHz)

< -138dBm (1GHz - 4GHz)

Preamp On< -158dBm (1MHz - 1GHz)

< -154dBm (1GHz - 4GHz)

3. Optical Measurement

Optical Power Meter
Dynamic Range-50dBm to +27dBm
Wavelength850/ 980/ 1300/ 1310/ 1490/ 1550/ 1610 nm
Resolution0.01 dBm, mW, uW, nW
Output Power10mW

4. General Information

Type/ Size
TFT LCD / 8.4 inch (800*600)
Data Storage
1GB, >2000 saved measurement files
ExternalLimited by size of USB flash drive
Size & Weight
Size258mm * 173mm * 74mm
TypeLi-ion, 11.1V, 5200mAh
Operation Time

>6 hrs, continuous; 8hrs, idle (CA mode)

>4 hrs, continuous; 8hrs, idle (SA mode)

See more specifications in the datasheet.

Standard Package

1Main Machine1 pcs
2AC/DC Adapter1 pcs
3Rechargeable Li-ion Battery1 pcs
4Vehicle Plug-in Lighter Device1 pcs
5"Y" OSL Clibration Device1 pcs
61.5m Test Port Extension Cable1 pcs
7Soft Carrying Case1 pcs
8CD (Site Workbench Software and Manual)1 pcs

Options of S5700 Series Field Comm Analyzer
Option No.
S5700-01RF Power Meter (Software)

Providing true RMS measurements with accurate measurements for both CW and complex 

digitally modulated signals.

S5700-02In-line Bi-Directional RF High Power Sensor300MHz to 4GHz, 2mW to 150W, N(f), 50Ω
S5700-03Terminal RF Power Sensor1MHz to 6GHz, -30dBm to +20dBm, N(m), 50Ω
S5700-04Interference Locatiton Analysis

Add Spectrogram, RSSI, Signal ID, Signal Strength, Interference Location Mapping, Delta

Spectrum and DPS measurement applications to the spectrum analyzer. 

(Need directional log periodic antenna, option 13-17)

S5700-05Signal Coverage MappingAllowing users to map RSSI and ACPR measurements. (Need option S5700-06)
S5700-06GPS Module (USB)/
S5700-07Signal AnalysisLTE, WCDMA, TDSCDMA, GSM, CDMA
S5700-08GPS Module (Internal Built-in)/
S5700-09Optical Power Meter and VFL

Using for all optical power measurements, such as optical fiber loss measurement and optical

device performance evaluation.

S5700-10802.11 A/B/G WiFi ModuleInternal built-in
S5700-112-Port Transmission MeasurementProviding the capability to perform 2-port measurements.
S5700-12Channel Scanner/
S5700-13Directional Active Log Periodic AntennaFrequency range: 9kHz to 20MHz
S5700-14Directional Active Log Periodic AntennaFrequency range: 20MHz to 200MHz
S5700-15Directional Active Log Periodic AntennaFrequency range: 200MHz to 500MHz
S5700-16Directional Active Log Periodic AntennaFrequency range: 500MHz to 3GHz
S5700-17Directional Active Log Periodic AntennaFrequency range: 500MHz to 8GHz
S5700-18Antenna Handle with GPS and Electronics Compass/