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Phase and Amplitude Stable RF Testing Cable (DC - Max.50GHz)

Saluki Phase and Amplitude stable RF Testing cable has the characteristics of good flexibility, light weight and small space. It can be used for any high frequency signal transmission between systems or instruments where low loss and stability are critical. SCA cables are available with a wide range of connectors offering excellent specifications.

Key Features

|  Frequency range: DC - max. 50GHz

|  Mulitiple connector types 

|  Mulitiple armour options 

|  Low loss and stability flexible cable


|  Electronic instruments

|  Connection and test


Technical Specifications

Part NumberFrequency Range
Connector AConnector BLengthInsertion LossVSWR



Phase Stability
SCA9696A-B9NL24DC - 26.5GHzSMA (M)SMA (M)24 inch1.331.25±0.1±8°
SCA9696A-B9NL36DC - 26.5GHzSMA (M)SMA (M)36 inch1.811.25±0.1±8°
SCA9696A-B9NL48DC - 26.5GHzSMA (M)SMA (M)48 inch2.301.25±0.1±8°
SCA7676A-B7NL24DC - 40GHz2.92mm (M)2.92mm (M)24 inch1.991.25±0.1±5°
SCA7676A-B7NL36DC - 40GHz2.92mm (M)2.92mm (M)36 inch2.791.25±0.1±5°
SCA7676A-B7NL48DC - 40GHz2.92mm (M)2.92mm (M)48 inch3.601.25±0.1±5°
SCA8686A-B0NL24DC - 50GHz2.4mm (M)2.4mm (M)24 inch2.571.25±0.1±5°
SCA8686A-B0NL36DC - 50GHz2.4mm (M)2.4mm (M)36 inch3.571.25±0.1±5°
SCA8686A-B0NL48DC - 50GHz2.4mm (M)2.4mm (M)48 inch4.571.25±0.1±5°



Naming Rules

Naming rules


Named sample

General Information

Connector Materials
BodyStainless steel, Passivated/Au-plated brass
Center ConductorAu-plated beryllium copper
Environmental DataOperating Temperature
-55°C to +125°C
Cable Descriptions
Center ConductorAg-plated Cu
Outer ConductorOuter conductor
Inner BraidAg-plated copper braid
Outer JacketPFA / FEP