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GPS Logger

The GPS Logger includes a total of 6 sensors, all of them on the cutting edge of technology, making it the world's first stand-alone data logger with such a variety of sensors. The main purpose of the GPS logger consists of recording the position and even the orientation of the antennas. The GPS sensor allows for easy collection and documentation of your measurement position.

Key Features

|  World's first GPS Logger with 6 Sensors

|  Extremely high data rate of approx. 35 logs / second

|  Small & light weight

|  Made in Germany


|  Hyper LogPer series antennas

|  EMI and Magnotracker antennas

      Technical Specifications

Ø High End 66 Channel GPS Sensor incl. antenna offering position (accuracy: 1.8m) , speed (maximum velocity: 515m/s with 0.1m/s accuracy) and height (maximum altitude: 18.000 meters) information with a sensitivity of -165dBm. Warm/cold start is only 34 seconds.

Ø 3D/Triaxial Compass offering 1° to 2° Degree Compass Heading Accuracy (Wide Magnetic Field Range of +/- 8 Oe).

Ø 3D/Triaxial Accelerometer with up to 4mg resolution (+/- 2g, +/- 4g or +/- 8g range / 10.000 g shock tolerant)

Ø 3D/Triaxial Gyro/Tilt Sensor with a sensitivity of 14 LSBs per °/sec. (10.000 g shock tolerant / ±2000°/sec)

Ø Altimeter/PressureSensor with very high accuracy/resolution and a wide pressure range of 260-1260mbar and a height resolution of up to 20cm! (0,020 mbar RMS resolution)

Ø Scope of delivery: Logger with internal 650mAh LiPo Battery (run-time up to 7h), transport case, USB cable, mounting adapter & screws for assembly on HyperLOG X & Magnotracker Antennas, 2GB microSD card + adpater to SD & USB, PC Software & Manual on CD

Ø Dimensions (L/W/D): 102x42x21 mm

Ø Weight: 88g