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DA89101 Series Portable Directional Antenna (20MHz - 4GHz)

Saluki DA89101 series handheld directional antenna has the features of small size, light weight, compact structure and easy to carry. In the frequency range of 20MHz - 4GHz, it can be used for horizontally polarized and vertically polarized signals. The switches can control the antenna to work in passive mode and active mode respectively. 

Key Features

|  Frequency range: 20MHz - 4GHz

|  Wide dynamic range

|  Convenient for field using

|  Passive mode and Active mode


|  Spectrum analyzer

|  Signal Generator



        Frequency range: 10kHz - 20MHz

        Nominal impedance: 50Ω

        VSWR: <= 2.5

        Gain: >= -68dBi

        Size: 450×350×50 mm

          Weight: 0.8kg

DA89101BDA89101B          Frequency range: 20MHz - 200MHz

        Nominal impedance: 50Ω

        VSWR: <= 2.5

        Gain: >= -65dBi

        Size: 450×350×120 mm

          Weight: 0.9kg


        Frequency range: 200MHz - 500MHz

        Nominal impedance: 50Ω

        VSWR: <= 2.5

        Gain: >= -18dBi

        Size: 250×200×80 mm

          Weight: 0.7kg


        Frequency range: 500MHz - 4GHz

        Nominal impedance: 50Ω

        VSWR: <= 2.5 (500MHz - 3GHz)

           <= 3.5 (3GHz - 4GHz)  

        Gain: >= -10dBi

        Size: 450×350×80 mm

          Weight: 0.9kg

AA89401.pngAA89401 Antenna Amplifier      Frequency range: 10kHz - 4GHz

         Nominal impedance: 50Ω

         Gain: >= 4dBi

         Insertion loss: <= 7dB

         Connector: N(f)

         Size: 500×350×80 mm

           Weight: 0.9kg

Note: DA89101 series antennas need to be used with antenna amplifier.