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S3502 Series Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz - Max.44GHz)

Saluki S3502 series spectrum analyzer is adopted with the compact portable box structure, which has advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption and convenient carrying. The S3502 series spectrum analyzer series currently consists of four types of products.


Key Features of S3502 Series Spectrum Analyzer

| Wide frequency range: 9kHz - Max.44GHz

| Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz - 10MHz

| Low DANL level to -163dBm@1Hz RBW (typ.)

| Excellent phase noise:  -106dBc/Hz@100kHz@1GHz carrier

| Extremely high sweep speed: <20ms for 1GHz span

| Flexible interfaces and friendly UI

| Various measurement functions and test mode options

| Portable case which can be conveniently placed and carried

| 12.1'' high brightness LCD touch screen and easy to operate


Saluki S3502 series spectrum analyzer is adopted with the compact portable box structure, which has advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption and convenient carrying. The broadband millimeter-wave receiver miniaturization integrated design technology, whole phase locking technology based on the broadband VCO, full digital intermediate frequency design technology, and microwave composite multilayer circuit board design technology are adopted for this product, thus realizing high performance indicators and ensuring the economical efficiency of the product. 

The S3502 series spectrum analyzer series currently consists of four types of products. The full spectrum of the product is equipped with a preamplifier, so that it has very high receiving sensitivity at any frequency point. For its performance indicators, it has excellent average noise level and phase noise indicator as well as the high scanning speed. For its measurement function, it has the option modes including the interference analyzer channel scanner, AM/FM/PM analyzer, and power meter, as well as a variety of measurement functions including the channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, audio demodulation, emission mask and carrier-to-noise ratio. This product can be used for the test and maintenance of the aviation, spaceflight, wireless communications and radar signals and devices, and it can also be used for the research, development and production of electronic products and the teaching experiment of scientific research institutes.


Typical Applications 

Test of Components and Parts

The S3502 series spectrum analyzer can be used for the test of parameters and indicators including the gain, frequency response, frequency conversion loss and insertion loss of the components and modules including the amplifier, filter, mixer, attenuator, cable and directional coupler.


Test and Diagnosis of the Transmitter and Receiver

The S3502 series spectrum analyzer has a number of measurement function modes including the spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, AM/FM/PM analyzer, power meter, and channel scanner, and it also has a number of measurement functions including the channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, carrier-to-noise ratio, field strength, and emission mask; therefore, it can provide the comprehensive spectrum analysis and diagnosis service for the test of the transmitter and receiver. 


Technical Specifications of S3502 Series Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency Range

                               S3502D: 9kHz - 20GHz

                               S3502E: 9kHz - 26.5GHz

                               S3502F: 9kHz - 32GHz

                                                               S3502G: 9kHz - 44GHz

Tuning resolution1Hz
Frequency ReferenceNominal fequency
Frequency reference error

Last calibration date × aging rate + temperature stability + calibration accuracy

Aging rate


Temperature stability

±1×10-7 (0°C - 50°C, relative to 25±5°C)

Initial calibration accuracy


Frequency Readout Accuracy

± (frequency reading×frequency reference error +2% ×sweep width +10% ×resolution bandwidth)

Frequency Span

10μs - 600s (zero span)


±2.00% (zero span)

Resolution BandwidthRange

1Hz - 10MHz (step by 1-3)

Accuracy (3.0dB)

 1kHz - 3MHz: ±10%

10MHz: ±20%

Resolution Bandwidth Change to Uncertainly

±1.20dB 1Hz - 10MHz (take 100kHz RBW as a reference)

Video Bandwidth

1Hz - 10MHz (1-3 times step)

Detection Mode

Normal, Peak, Neg Peak, Sample, Average, RMS

Display Average Noise Level

(50Ω load at the input end, 0dB input attenuation, average detector mode, logarithmic Video Type, RBW normalization to 1Hz, 20-30°C)

Preamplifier off

10MHz - 20GHz<= -138dBm
20GHz - 32GHz<= -135dBm
32GHz - 40GHz<= -127dBm
40GHz - 44GHz<= -120dBm
Preamplifier on
10MHz - 20GHz<= -157dBm
20GHz - 32GHz<= -154dBm
32GHz - 40GHz<= -148dBm
40GHz - 44GHz<= -140dBm

Residual Response

(RF input match, 0dB attenuation)

Preamplifier off

10MHz - 13GHz<= -90dBm
13GHz - 20GHz<= -85dBm
20GHz - 44GHz<= -80dBm
Preamplifier on
10MHz - 32GHz<= -100dBm
32GHz - 44GHz<= -95dBm

(Exceptional frequency: 3200MHz)

Single-sideband Phase Noise

(Carrier wave 1GHz, 20°C-30°C)

10kHz frequency offset

<= -102dBc/Hz

100kHz frequency offset<= -106dBc/Hz
1MHz frequency offset<= -111dBc/Hz
10MHz frequency offset<= -123dBc/Hz
Second Harmonic Distortion

<-60dBc (0dB attenuation, -30dBm input signal)

1dB Gain Compression

(Double-tone test, 10MHz signal spacing)

50MHz - 4GHz>= -2dBm
4GHz - 13GHz>= -3dBm
13GHz - 44GHz>= -3dBm

3-order Intermodulation Distortion 

(-25dBm double-tone signal, 100kHz spacing, 0dB attenuation, pre-amplifier off)

50MHz - 4GHz>= +7dBm
4GHz - 13GHz>= +6dBm
13GHz - 44GHz>= +6dBm

Absolute Amplitude Accuracy

(10MHz-40GHz, input

signal -10 to -50dBm, auto, 20°C-30°C)

10MHz - 13GHz


13GHz - 44GHz


Input Attenuator

Scope of attenuation 0dB - 50dB, 10dB step

Conversion uncertainty: ±1.20dB

Maximum Safe Input Level (typ.)
>=10dB attenuation


<10dB attenuation


Preamplifer on+13dBm
Reference Level

Logarithmic scale -120dBm to+30dBm, 1dB step

Linear sacle

22.36μV - 7.07V, 0.1% ste

Convresion error

±1.20dB (reference level 0dBm  to -60dBm)

Displayed Scale

Logarithmic scale

0.1dB - 10dB per scale, minimum 0.1dB step, 10-scale display

Linear scale10-scale display
Calibration unit

V, A, W, dBm, dBW, dBV, dBmV, dBuV, dBA, dBmA, dBuA

Scale Fidelity

±1.00 dB

General Information of S3502 Series Spectrum Analyzer
Size (W×H×D)

430mm×270mm×180mm (excluding the handle and foot)

430mm×360mm×180mm (including the handle and foot)

Power Supply

AC 220/240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

<60W (working state)

Operating Temperature

0°C to +50°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +70°C

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Conforms to GJB3947A-2009 3.9.1 Requirement

Test Port

S3502D/E: Type-N (f)

S3502F/G: 2.4 mm (m)

Auxiliary Test Interface

10 MHz reference input/output: BNC female connector

External trigger input: BNC female connector

Intermediate frequency output: BNC female connector

GPS antenna input: BNC female connector

Other Interfaces

LAN, USB, VGA output

Standard Package of S3502 Series Spectrum Analyzer

S3502 spectrum analyzer


Standard three-core power line


USB programmable cable

Options of S3502 Series Spectrum Analyzer
Part No.

Tracking generator option

Provide the independent, tracking source scanning method

S3502-003User manual\
S3502-005Programming manual\
S3502-006Purple Cat5e cable

Point to point, 2 meters

S3502-007GPS antenna

GPS external antenna


USB power meter option

Provide USB power meter function 

(Needs USB power probe:009/010/011/012)


87230 USB continuous wave power probe

Frequency range: 9kHz - 6GHz
S3502-01087231 USB continuous wave power probeFrequency range: 10MHz - 18GHz
S3502-01187232 USB continuous wave power probeFrequency range: 50MHz - 26.5GHz
S3502-01287233 USB continuous wave power probeFrequency range: 50MHz - 40GHz
S3502-013Interference analyzer option

Provide spectrogram, RSSI measurement etc. function


AM/FM/PM analyzer option

To realize modulation characteristics analysis of AM/FM/PM signals


Channel scanner option

To realize signal power measurement of multiple channels and frequency


List sweep option

To realize continuous sweep measurement of various frequency bands


Field strength option

Realize the field strength of the dot frequency, frequency scan and list scan


Zero span IF output

Output the third or fourth IF signal (Choose one of two)


89101A antenna

Frequency range: 10kHz - 20MHz (Needs option 023)

89101B antennaFrequency range: 10MHz - 200MHz (Needs option 023)
S3502-02189101C antennaFrequency range: 200MHz - 500MHz (Needs option 023)
S3502-02289101D antennaFrequency range: 500MHz - 4GHz (Needs option 023)
S3502-02389401 antenna amplifier

Frequency range: 10kHz - 4GHz, Type-N (f) 

(Needs option 019/020/021/022)

S3502-02489901 antenna

Frequency range: 1GHz - 18GHz, Type-N (f)

S3502-02589902 antenna

Frequency range: 18GHz - 40GHz, 2.92mm (f)