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TAM5000 Cable and Pipe Locator (0-25M Depth)

Saluki TAM5000 cable and pipe locator is designed to provide the best locate performance for damage prevention professionals working in all industries and utilities. TAM5000 is excellent in pinpointing the location of underground electrical cables, optical cables and gas pipes. 

Key Features

|  Quickly and effectively identify the 0-25M underground cable

|  Digital display of the depth of the cable (0-25 meters)

|  Locator and transmitter are battery powered (included)

|  Show the direction and depth of cable, determine the skin fault

|  Signal strength, left/ right arrow and compass direction indication







Technical Specifications of TAM5000 Locator
Active Locate Frequency50Hz, 60Hz, LF, 577Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz, 133kHz, SS Low, SS High
Passive Locate Frequency50 - 60Hz
Tracking Depth0 - 25M
Signal Strength DisplayedLCD, Voice prompt
Bar graph and numeric value (0-999)
Gain ControlAuto gain
Gain Dynamic Range0 - 140dB
depth<=3m: ±5%,  depth <=8m: ±10% 
Active Locate ModesBroad Peak, Null, Narrow Peak, Peak&Null, Broad Peak Arrow
Fault Find DisplayNumeric value, grid display
Dimension700 x 200 x 110 mm
Li-on batteries, run-time (continuous): 8h
Weight2 kg

Technical Specifications of TAM5000 Transmitter
Output Frequency

98Hz, 128Hz, 256Hz, 480Hz, 491Hz, 512Hz, 577Hz, 640 Hz, 815Hz, 982Hz, 1.02kHz, 1.17KHz, 1.45KHz, 1.52KHz, 4.1KHz, 8.01KHz, 8KHz, 8.44KHz, 9.5KHz, 9.82 KHz, 29.4KHz, 33 KHz, 38 KHz, 65.5 KHz, 78.1KHz, 80.43 KHz, 82.3KHz, 83.1KHz, 89KHz, 133KHz, 200KHz (31 species)

Output ModeDirect connetion, induction, coupling
Output Power Level>= 10W
Protection SystemDynamic overload and overheating protection
Dimension160 x 160 x 390 mm
Battery8PC no.1 rechargeable batteries, run-time (continuous): 4-8h
Power SupplyAC: 220V, 50-60Hz
Weight3.1 kg

TAM5000 Standard Package
1TAM5000 Locator Host1 PC
TAM5000 Transmitter Host1 PC
3AC/DC Power Adapter2 PC
4Direct Connection Signal Line1 PC
5Coupling Clamp1 PC
6Ground Clamp1 PC
7Clamp Connection Line1 PC