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S1465V Series Vector Signal Generator (100kHz - 67GHz)

S1465V series vector signal generators, with the frequency range of 100kHz - 67GHz, are provided with high purity spectrum and high output power. The single side band phase noise at 10GHz carrier and 10kHz frequency offset is -126dBc/Hz. The maximum output power reaches up to 1W at 20GHz carrier, and the dynamic output power range gets 150dB. All these specifications can meet the high-end requirements of electromagnetic signal tests.

Key Features

|  Broadband  vector signal generation

|  High vector modulation bandwidth

|  Excellent purity spectrum

|  Convenient touch screen control

|  Super high power dynamic range

|  High performance pulse modulation

|  Multiple control and function extension interfaces

|  High stability frequency and broadband power output

|  CW, sweep and digital modulation signal output modes

|  High-precision analog sweep and excellent analog modulation


The S1465V signal generator features high-precision analog sweep function, excellent simulation modulation, pulse modulation and vector modulation. The baseband signal generator is easily set up and flexible, and supports multiple modulation formats, alllowing users to edit and download the required waveform for signal simulation based on individual needs. The internal and external vectors have wide modulation bandwidth (internal 200MHz and external 2GHz) which can meet the needs of broadband signal simulation. The internal modulation signal generator has frequency up to 10MHz and multiple signal waveforms, pulse modulation supports minimum PW of 20ns and generates flexible pulse trains that can satisfy the needs for testing various comples signal.

The S1465V series generates high-quality signals in both continuous wave and modulation, making it an ideal local oscillator and clock source, and a high-performance simulation signal source. It is mainly used for comprehensive assessment of radar performance, high-performance receiver testing and component parameter testing, applicable for many fields such as aerospace, radar, communication, navigation equipment, etc. 


S1465V Series  Vector Signal Generator:

S1465A-V  vector signal generator: 100kHz - 3GHz

S1465B-V  signal generator: 100kHz - 6GHz

S1465C-V  signal generator: 100kHz - 10GHz

S1465D-V  signal generator: 100kHz - 20GHz

S1465F-V  signal generator: 100kHz - 40GHz

S1465H-V  signal generator: 100kHz - 50GHz

S1465L-V  signal generator: 100kHz - 67GHz


Typical Applications

Building a solid basis for high-reliability satellite communication equipment testing

The S1465V series can generate high-quality user-defined and basic digital modulation signals within the frequency range of 100kHz ~ 67GHz, and provide repeatable and reliable tests for satellite communication system. The high-bandwidth external vector modulation, self-defined data source and additive noise functions enable users to produce true test signals for product tests.


Providing radar equipment and electronic countrmeasures system with test signal for different application scenarios

The S1465V series has wide frequency range, high resolution (16bit) and excellent signal simulation. In combination with synchronous trigger port with rich functions, it produces complex sequences in various modulation formats by editing waveform segments for different scenarios, in order to simulate complex interference signals in real combat environment to test the radar ECCM performance. 

Providing accurate arbitrary waveform modulation signals for invisible aircraft systems, high-capacity communication equipment systems and electronic warfare systems (EWS)

The 1465-V series has waveform storage up to 2G sampling point to allow designers to obtain long-time test scheme closer to reality. It supports five arbitrary waveform data formats that meet the design requirements of main tool software. 

High performance receiver test

The S1465V with extremely low single side band phase noise and excellent non-harmonic suppression, can output ideal pure signals, used in phase noise, block and adjacent channel selectivity test for a high-performance receiver in the radar, electronic warfare system or communication equipment.


High npower device test

With the maximum output power of 1W, the S1465V series can test a high-power device, with no external amplifier, and overcome the loss of test system, with higher signal power accuracy and stability.


Excitation signal and local oscillator substitution

The S1465V series  with extremely pure signal quality and high output power, can be used for signal excitation for amplifiers, and as an ideal alternative for local oscillator in the tested equipment, such as transmitter and receiver etc.

Technical Specifications
Frequency Range

100kHz - 3GHz

100kHz - 6GHz

100kHz - 10GHz100kHz - 20GHz100kHz - 40GHz100kHz - 50GHz

100kHz - 67GHz

Frequency Resolution0.001Hz
Reference OutputFrequency10MHz
Power>+4dBm, to 50Ω
Reference InputFrequency1-50 MHz, 1Hz step
Power-5dBm to +10dBm, 50Ω impedance
Sweep ModeStep sweep, List sweep, Analog sweep, Power sweep
Modulation TypePSK, MSK, FSK, QAM, ASK, User I/Q, User FSK
Power Resolution0.01dB

Power Accurary


-20 - - 10-10 - 1010 - 20
100kHz<=f<=2GHz± 1.5dB± 0.6dB± 0.8dB
2GHz± 1.5dB± 0.8dB± 0.8dB
20GHz± 1.8dB± 0.9dB± 1.0dB
40GHz± 1.8dB± 1.3dB\
50GHz± 2.0dB± 1.5dB\
VSWR100kHz<=f<=20GHz< 1.6
20GHz< 1.8
40GHz< 2.0
FrequencyStandard package
100kHz<=f<=10MHz< - 25dBc
10MHz< - 30dBc
2GHz< - 30dBc
2GHz< - 55dBc
20GHz< -45dBc (typical value)
Non -harmonicFrequency
Standard package
100kHz<=f<=250MHz< - 58dBc
250MHz< - 74dBc
3.2GHz< - 62dBc
10GHz< - 56dBc
20GHz< - 52dBc
28.5GHz< - 45dBc
40GHz< - 42dBc
SSB Phase NoiseFrequency1Hz10Hz100Hz1kHz10kHz100kHz

General Information

RF Oputput Interface

S1465A/B/C: N (female), impedance: 50 Ω

S1465D: 3.5mm (male), N (female) (option 91), impedance: 50 Ω

S1465F: 2.4mm (male), impedance: 50 Ω

S1465H/L: 1.85mm (male), impedance: 50 Ω


435W×178H×498D mm (excluding handle, foot mat and footing)

517W×192H×550D mm (including handle, foot mat and footing)


< 28kg

Temperature Range

Operating temperature: 0 to +45 °C; storage temperaure: -40 to +70°C

Power Supply

100-120VAC, 50-60Hz; or 200-240VAC, 50-60Hz (self-adaptive)

Standard Package




Power cable assembly


User manual

Options of S1465V Series Signal Generator
Option No.ItemDescription
S1465V-H01AProgrammable step attenuator, 115dB For model A/B/C/D/E/F-V
S1465V-H01BProgrammable step attenuator,  90dB  For model H/L-V
S1465V-H02AAnalog modulationIncluding AM, FM, ΦM, etc.
S1465V-H02BPulse modulationMin. pulse width 100ns
S1465V-H02CNarrow pulse modulationMin. pulse width 20ns
S1465V-H03Analog sweep\
S1465V-H04Ultra low phase noise10GHz@10kHz: -120dBc/Hz
S1465V-H05High power output


S1465V-H31Large modulation bandwidth

Internal demodulation extend to 200MHz


Internal baseband large memory

Extend to 8GB


Broadband external IQ inputAdd broadband external IQinput function, only for model C/D/F-V
S1465V-H8087230 USB power probe

9kHz - 6GHz

S1465V-H8187231 USB power probe

10MHz - 18GHz

S1465V-H8287232 USB power probe

50MHz - 26.5GHz

S1465V-H8387233 USB power probe

50MHz - 40GHz

S1465V-H91N RF output connector

For S1456D only, RF output to N(F)

S1465V-H92Back panel RF output

Change RF output port to back panel

S1465V-H94Machine frame


S1465V-H95Calibration report