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40GHz VNA Microwave / RF Test Cable Assemblies

Saluki VNA Microwave/RF Test Cable Assemblies are specifically engineered to provide the most precise VNA measurements in laboratory conditions. They deliver the highest accuracy and greatest time interval between recalibrations of any test assembly on the market today.
Saluki's cable assemblies maintain excellent insertion loss and VSWR. Before shipment, we test all of our assemblies for return loss, insertion loss, phase stability and loss stability up to their maximum operating frequency.
Our assemblies ensure accurate and repeatable measurements because of their phase and amplitude stability guaranteed with flexure-tested for over 100,000 flex cycles before we retest phase and amplitude stability.

Saluki ModelFrequency (GHz)VNA EndDUT EndVSWRInsertion Loss (dB)Phase Stability (degree)Amplitude Stability (dB)Length
SCAVNA40FM-(2.92/2.92)DC - 40GHzNMD 2.92mm FemaleNMD 2.92mm Male<1.30:1<2.8dB<±2.5°<±0.05dB63cm
 (24.8 inch)
SCAVNA40FF-(2.92/2.92)2.92mm Female
SCAVNA40FM-(2.92/2.4)NMD 2.4mm Male
SCAVNA40FF-(2.92/2.4)2.4mm Female
SCAVNA40FM-(2.4/2.92)NMD 2.4mm FemaleNMD 2.92mm Male
SCAVNA40FF-(2.4/2.92)2.92mm Female