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Saluki’s S3101 Cable and Antenna Analyzer satisfied military customer in Finland
Release time :2017.12.9 Reading quantity:11 source:Salukirf, original

Thanks for partners great efforts in Finland, makes Saluki's products enterd Finland market. (see Saluki partner list @http://www.salukirf.com/?m=info&id=3 

Since April 2017, we have been worked closely with our partner in Finland. The partner are in telecommunication filed, so familiar with the market for Cable and Antenna analyzer, and worked hard to show demos to different potentials customers. Including Military force, subcontractor for tele copreators, airport fadios and radars, also integration for security networks. Most of them got very positive feedback. End users are surprised with such a high performance and multi-functions on Saluki's network analyzer.


Though many giants in the market, while if there is another brand has better performance and more reasonable price, there is no reason not to choose it, right?

See S3301 cable and antenna analyzer details in the following link:

S3301 Cable and Antenna Analyzer (1MHz - 4GHz)

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