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News from Saluki Soccer Team
Release time :2017.11.30 Reading quantity:11 source:Salukirf, original

Nov. 14th morning, with Italy knocked out by Sweden in the qualifying round of the World Cup in Europe, the Azzurri again missed the World Cup 60 years later, and numerous Chinese fans made a sigh of resignation. Why do fans love Italy so much? Because this team carries too many people's memories and feelings.


Although Chinese soccer team is always frustrating, it does not stop the Chinese from enjoying soccer. At least one-third of Chinese fans are fans of Italy team.

Soccar team.jpg


Most of Saluki's employees are also fans of soccer. At the beginning, some people just kicked off with friends in their spare time. Later, the company took out a part of the IMF's soccer team and encouraged employees to make some appointments with other corporate teams, not only for exercise but also for Friendship.


So far, SALUKI soccer team has been nearly eight years of history, participated in numerous size competitions, and famous in local amateur soccer team. In last weekend's race, everyone with the regret of Italy out of 2018 Russia World Cup, kicked a hearty game.