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What is a RF Spectrum Analyzer?
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Spectrum analysis is a fast way to observe and measure the signal amplitude and distortion. The display results can be intuitively reflecting the magnitude of the Fourier transform of the input signal. The dynamic range of signal frequency domain analysis is very wide, exceeding 140 Db. This makes the spectrum analyzer a versatile instrument suitable for modern communications and microwave applications. 


Saluki S3532 series RF Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum analyzer essentially examines the magnitude and frequency of a given signal source, antenna, or signal distribution system. Spectrum analysis provides important information about the signal such as stability, distortion, amplitude, and modulation type and quality. With this information, circuits or systems can be debugged more efficiently to conform variety regulatory requirements

Modern spectrum analyzers have a lot of comprehensive utilization, from research and development to manufacturing, to on-site maintenance. The new spectrum analyzer, which has been renamed Signal Analyzer, has become an invaluable laboratory instrument. Engineers can easily observe large span spectrum and then zoom in on signal details. In manufacturing, the combination of measurement speed with the ability to access data through a computer can make some extremely complex measurements quickly, accurately and repeatedly. In order to do remote control and continuously measurment, rf spectrum analyzers now often provide telecommunication port and programming interface. This helps engineers to design thier own "soft" spectrum analyzer and realize the customed functions.


Rear Panel of S3532 Spectrum Analyzer, Provide RS232, LAN, USB, VGA Ports

With an explosion of wireless devices and wireless telecommunication, RF spectrum analyzer is acting a more and more important role in consumer electronics (mobile phone etc), spectrum management, spectrum monitor, interference analysis, satellites communication etc.


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