S1103 Series Synthesized Signal Generators (up to 67GHz)

Saluki S1103 series is a synthesized sweep generators with up to 67GHz freqyency and top-level performance. Integrated with a dual-channel internal modulation synthesized sweep generator and pulse generator, S1103 can also provide AM, FM, ØM and pulse modulated signals.

Key Features
  • Wide frequency range.
  • High quality.
  • Low phase noise signal.
  • High dynamic range.
  • Precise power output
  • Compatible with the SAV82406 series frequency extender
    to extend output frequency up to 500 GHz
  • Local Oscillator Substitution
  • Testing of on High-performance Receivers
  • Comprehensive Performance Evaluation on Electronic System

The S1103 series is a synthesized signal generators with top-level performance.Integrated dual-channel AF modulation - generator and internal pulse generator.The S1103 can be used to generate high quality AM, FM, ØM and pulse modulation signals.

While the S1103 was designed with comprehensive performance evaluation of electronic systems in mind, it can also be used as a local oscillator for transmitters and receivers.The S1103 is mostly used in aviation, spaceflight, radar, communication and navigational equipment.

Technical Specifications







Frequency Range

250 kHz - 20 GHz

250 kHz - 40 GHz

250 kHz - 50 GHz

250 kHz - 67 GHz

Frequency Resolution


Output Power

-20 dBm - +13 dBm

-20 dBm - +10 dBm

-20 dBm - +6 dBm

-20 dBm - +6 dBm

Output Power with Programmable step attenuator (Optional)

-120 dBm - +11 dBm

-120 dBm - +8 dBm

-90 dBm - +3 dBm

-90 dBm - +3 dBm

Single Sideband Phase Noise
  @ 1 GHz(10 kHz offset)

-130 dBc/Hz

-130 dBc/Hz

-130 dBc/Hz

-130 dBc/Hz

General Information


Standard: 426×133×510mm(without handles, feed pad and feed)


Max. 482×152×582mm


Approx. 20 Kg

Operating Temp.

0- +40 ℃


300 W

Power Supply

220 VAC

001 115dB programmable step attenuator, stepping by 5dB
(Only for S1103A, S1103B).
002 90dB programmable step attenuator, stepping by 10dB 
(Only for S1103C, S1103D).
003 Aluminum carrying case.
004 Cabinet installation kit.

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